Escobar Training GroundsFight Republic’s fifth “Downtown Showdown” event took place on Friday, May 11, 2012 at Harrah’s, Reno.  This 9-fight amateur MMA card featured victories in the main events by Mike Morales of Susanville, and Reno’s Michael Orzell.  Fights on the undercard were won by Eddie Jamrong, Jeff Shamrock, Hernan Avilla, Keenan Herrara, John Butcher, Corey Carlson, and Spike Vance.

Justin Rashidi vs Eddie Jamrong  (Lightweight)
The first fight was a debut for both fighters as Justin Rashidi from Reno took on Eddie Jamrong from the Charles Gracie Academy Reno. This was a grueling technical fight that went the distance from standup in round one to hardcore jiujitsu in the third. Rashidi would maneuver for a ground and pound and Jamrong would deftly triangle out or stand up and out of a leg-lock. Jamrong should call himself “the Escape Artist” after this fight, which he won via unanimous decision.

Jeff Shamrock vs. Daniel Reece (Welterweight)
The secound bout pitted Jeff Shamrock (2-0), fighting out of Ken Shamrock’s Lion’s Den in Reno Reno,  against Daniel Reece (1-0) representing Fight Capital, Reno. Jeff Shamrock had all the moves down by his coach, mentor and father: Ken Shamrock. He forced Reece to tap out to rear naked choke at 1:15 in the first round.

Hernan Avilla vs. EJ Schmehl (Bantamweight)
On the heels of that match, Hernan Avilla (1-0) fighting out of Fighter’s Pro Shop East from Winnemucca, faced EJ Schmehl (1-0) of Reno in a Bantamweight match that lasted a total of 39 seconds when Avilla submitted Schmehl to an armbar.

Colton Strobl vs Keenan Herrara (Middlewight)
Up next, Colton Strobl (1-2) of Elko, Nevada, fought Keenan Herrara, making his debut from Escobar Training Ground’s of Lake Tahoe. Herrara immediately went for a takedown and won his debut match by submitting Strobl via rear naked choke at 27 seconds into round one.

Carlos Sanchez vs. John Butcher (Light Heavyweight)
John Butcher (1-3) representing Iron Pitt Fight Team from Susanville, fought Carlos “the Savage” Sanchez (2-3) of Mountain Warrior Fight Club from Bridgeport, Calif. Sanchez took Butcher down early and Butcher fought off his back causing Sanchez to tap out due to strikes at 1:16 in the first round.

Ladale Noe vs. Corey Carlson (Lightweight)
The sixth fight of the evening was between Ladale Noe (5-1) representing Dragon House of San Francisco, and Corey Carlson (2-2) from Escobar Training Ground’s of Lake Tahoe. It startted out like a thrilling Muay Thai tournament with both fighters exchanging punches and kicks.  Eventually, the fighters ended up against the cage and droppimg to the mat. Carlson won via tap out to rear naked choke in the last 15 seconds of the first round.

Spike Vance vs. Justin Griggs (Welterweight)

Spike Vance (1-2) of Reno’s Fight Capital took on Justin Griggs making his debut from San Francisco. Vance overwhelmed Griggs, taking him down and laying down a ground and pound before submitting him by rear-naked choke at 1:08 in the first round.

Mike Morales vs. Matt McCrary
The first half of the Main Event was a Heavyweight Title Fight between Susanville’s Mike “Chunk” Morales (6-2) and Reno’sMatt McCrary (4-1). This was a Clash of Titans as the two fighters went at each other. Morales took out McCrary’s leg and finished him via TKO at 1:27 in the first round. McCrary had to be carried from the cage and it looked like he had some damage to his knee. Morales announced that this would be his last Amateur Fight as he eyes the world of professional fighting. An interview with Morales will be forthcoming on Monday.

Michael Orzell vs. Matt Lively
The second half of the Main Event was a rematch of the last Middleweight Title Fight at Fight Republic 4. Matt Lively (8-2) of Susanville sought to defend his belt in a rematch with Charles gracie Jiujitsu’s Michael Orzell (2-2) of Reno. The first round was brutal and bloody. Lively is known for his striking power and on the fighter’s Facebook page he mentioned that he broke his hand during this match. Orzell seemed unstoppable in his Olympic-level ability of Judo and after 5 rounds of what could only be described as a “Ground War”, Orzell took home the Belt as the new Fight Republic Middleweight Champion.

Fight Republic 6 is scheduled for Friday, July 27, 2012.